Texas boasts a rich array of beautiful art, abundant music, and a diverse culture. With such a kaleidoscope of talent, artists who take the time to carve their processes and lanes for success typically grab the long-term attention of listeners; and rising San Antonio rapper Alonzo “Zo-G” McKee is no exception. Rapper/writer Zo-G’s life began in Dayton, OH on May 31st, 1993. Soon after his senior year in high school in 2010, his mom and brother relocated to San Antonio, Texas, leaving him in Ohio with his father. Like many other children in the world, Zo felt the pain of being left behind, while his mother and younger brother left for a new start. He credits this point in his life with giving him his persistent attitude and determination, traits he expects will take him far in the music industry.

While the split proved to be hard on Zo emotionally, he longed for an effective outlet to release his pain, communicate effectively, and release his thoughts.

After acquiring a phone and surveying the features, he found the notes section. From that moment on, Zo-G’s passion for writing poetry and lyrical expression was born. Zo’s immense anger from being left behind in Ohio, combined with not having his mom around, fueled his motivation to write every single day. “My way of dealing with a broken home was to write,” he says. As he built confidence in his newfound skill, he challenged himself in the presence of his friends, promising to write 100 poetic pieces in two months. Despite their doubt, he not only did it; but kept going! After writing over 1000 poems on Facebook with fellow artists, he began to take his artistry more seriously, believing in his talent, purpose, and dream.

In 2011, Zo-G relocated to San Antonio, Texas to reunite with his family. Upon his arrival, he dove right in, connecting with new people and opportunities to share his music. In 2017, he began co-hosting open mics in San Antonio’s “Freight District”. His new mentor, a fellow artist and venue owner, challenged him to invest in himself, and discover his “why”.Zo-G revealed that he chose his name on the spot, to emulate and pay homage to entertainment and business mogul, Jay Z. Zo-G describes his music as fun, party-friendly music that still retains substance for the more advanced hip hop ear.

Growing up listening to artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and MoneyBaggYo, Zo skillfully fuses multiple influences and styles into his work, creating a new but undeniably southern flavored sound. His recent project, Courtesy of Human Error, now available on all digital outlets, has amassed over 120,000 streams on Spotify after only a few short weeks. He plans to spend the rest of the year capitalizing on his momentum, working on singles to lead up to a new project: Project M.UL.A (Move Units Like Amazon), which is due out November 2020